Our friendly opticians will help you select the best glasses and sunglasses for you!  They will guide you towards frames that will help you look your best, and explain which lenses will benefit you the most.  

We stand behind all of our high quality eyeglasses with a one year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Check out these EPIC retro frames - inspired by vintage eyeglasses!

We carry beautiful, high quality frames from many designers including...   

Coach,     Oakley,      Gucci,      RayBan,      Maui Jim,      Alexander McQueen,   

Lafont,     Tag Heuer,      Cazal,      Swissflex,      Minima,     Caviar,             

2.5 Eyephorics,      iGreen,       Plume Paris,    Miraflex,      O-Six,       Cafe 

Lunettes,     Kala Eyewear,     Dolabany,      Pro Design,    and many more !

We take pride in making you high quality lenses that are thin, strong, lightweight, and scratch-resistant (polycarbonate, trivex, tribrid, high index) and provide the best quality non-glare lenses that will make you look more attractive while making night vision and computer vision much sharper and more comfortable by reducing eyestrain.

For those who wear progressive lenses (also known as no-line bifocals), we can recommend the best variety for your individual prescription and lifestyle.  The best progressive lenses will provide the most natural ability to focus easily at varying distances and will give you the largest clear viewing area at each distance. 

We are able to provide lenses from ALL major manufacturers including   

         Varilux,                 Essilor,                    Crizal,                      Zeiss,       

                    Nikon,                   Shamir,                    Seiko,                     Hoya,   

    Kodak,               Younger,                   IOT - Camber,           and others.